Back in the early days of the pandemic, masking was thought to be the best tool we had when it came to protecting each other from contracting COVID19. And people were generally willing to go along with it, because the idea was that once a vaccine became available, we’d no longer need to wear masks everywhere.

Well, vaccines became available, but the masking never really went away. We needed to continue masking until everyone was vaccinated, and then we’d be good to go. If you still had to wear a mask, you could just blame the unvaccinated (even the ones who had natural immunity because they’d had COVID19 already) for that.

Well, more people got vaccinated. But it still wasn’t enough, because the vaccinated could technically still contract COVID19 and spread to others (never mind that that didn’t mean the vaccines weren’t effective). The unvaccinated were still disgusting, of course, but if you were vaccinated and hadn’t gotten your booster, too, you were disgusting in your own right.

That’s where we’re at now:

Beware the Unboosted. What a time to be alive.

This like Scientology: no matter how high up on the ladder you get, you’ll never get to the very top.

Your sarcasm is noted, Marky. Never mind that the fact that we’re even talking about “Boosted” vs. “Unboosted” is the disturbing part. These conversations shouldn’t even be on our radars, but here we are, discussing vaccination status like social status.


It’s been fascinating to watch the rules evolve as tools against COVID19 threaten to wrest authority from the authoritarians, but we can’t say that it’s been surprising.