Ceeeeeeeelebrate good times, come on!

Bust out those party hats and pop that Champagne, because Joe Biden has come through for America, just like he promised he would. But don’t take our word for it; take the DCCC’s, who’s got the hard data to back them up:

Grandpa Joe’s makin’ it rain all up in heah!

The best, Jerry. The best.

Who else feels like Scrooge McDuck right now when he’s jumping into that vast pool of coins?

And we’re not talking about the happiness or excitement; we’re talking about the pain of crashing headfirst into a pile of metal. Because that’s how we feel right now.

It’s true!

Also true.

Not sure how they thought no one would figure out what they were doing, but bless them for trying it anyway.

Surely there’s a more visually accurate way to represent the data …

That works.

Of course, the more accurate versions will have to be adjusted in the weeks and months to come:

That’s just our two cents.