In case you missed it, the Biden administration has done a rather horrendous job of addressing the border crisis. In fact, they’ve exacerbated it. Quite a bit.

So they now find themselves in the awkward position of having to consider that maybe the Trump administration was onto something:


So interesting that it got independent leftist journalist Glenn Greenwald to thinking about how past coverage of the border crisis felt significantly different from the coverage we’ve seen since Joe Biden was sworn into office:

And both predictions came true in a big way, didn’t they?

Where are Rachel Maddow and her tears when you need ’em? Surely her tear ducts haven’t completely shriveled up just yet …

And what about AOC? ‘Member her? Glenn ‘members:

C’mon, AOC. We know you’ve got it in you! Dig deep!

And there are so many more where those came from.

Turns out they were just taking an eight-year sabbatical. It would’ve been longer but that damn Orange Man got in the way. Now that Biden’s back, though, they can relax again. Catch up on sleep.

Must be nice.