Once more, for the people in the back. Looking at you, David Frum.

Drawing comparisons between most current events and Nazi-era Germany is intellectually lazy and genuinely offensive.

In response to the admittedly incredibly disturbing news that Germany will be clamping down on the unvaccinated:

David Frum went looking for some silver linings and managed to find them:

Let’s stop there for a second.

He sounds like an insane person, is what he sounds like.

To wit:

First of all:


And second of all, if we didn’t know any better, we might think that David Frum is drawing a favorable comparison between Nazi Germany and draconian measures against the unvaccinated. That’s certainly what it sounds like. Are you picking up on that, too?

What the hell. No, seriously, what the hell.

David Frum’s been off the rails for a long time now, but this is just … we just can’t with this.

Forget it; he’s rolling.

Riiiiiight over the edge of the cliff.

The weirdest of flexes. Truly.

And tomorrow. And forever.