Now that CNN has suspended Chris Cuomo indefinitely “pending further evaluation,” surely Mr. Reliable Sources Brian Stelter is ready to address the scandal head-on, right? No need to pussyfoot around this thing anymore, right?

Of course not, you sillies! He’s going to avoid it for as long as he possibly can:

Is Donald Trump’s personal COVID19 timeline really more important than yet another massive and consequential media scandal at your network, Brian?

How about all the people who enabled Andrew Cuomo? Like CNN anchor Chris Cuomo? And what is Stelter doing if not enabling both Cuomos by refusing to condemn Chris Cuomo’s blatant and gross violation of media ethics?

Nothing — not even go-to bogeyman Donald Trump — can shield CNN from the mess they’re in right now.


And Stelter will just sit there and pretend that he and CNN are solidly stunning and brave.