Recently, GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert made what can be most charitably be described as a tasteless joke at the expense of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Apparently Rep. Omar has been receiving very vicious and violent messages since then:

It should go without saying that no one — not even Ilhan Omar — deserves to have their life threatened like that, over religion or anything else.

It should also go without saying, however, that Ilhan Omar is not an innocent victim of religious bigotry. And despite what she claims, it’s not just up to the GOP to confront bigotry in their ranks.

Ilhan Omar has a long, well documented history of antisemitism dating from long before she was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Over and over again she has trafficked in antisemitic tropes and dog whistles and blood libels, and the Democratic Party has let her off with at worst a limp slap on the wrist. Most of the time they just make excuses for her or outright ignore her virulent antisemitism, as AOC is doing here:

“Ku Klux Klan caucus”? That’s the sort of talk that could really rile up AOC’s hard-leftist base and possibly result in threats of violence or worse for House Republicans.

But it’s OK when AOC does it.

Remember when the House tossed out clichés like “we condemn all forms of racism and bigotry” instead of holding Ilhan Omar specifically accountable for grossly antisemitic remarks? There were no consequences for Rep. Omar. But AOC defended her then and continues to defend her now.

The Jews would like a word, AOC. You know, the Jews that you don’t care for much more than Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib does. The ones in Israel that the Squad has smeared as bloodthirsty murderers. The ones in New York City who get violently assaulted for looking too Jewy.

Pick better arguments or pick better friends, AOC. If we were you, we’d do both.