Earlier today, Jack Dorsey announced that he’s decided not to be Twitter CEO anymore.

The new CEO referred to as “Parag” in Dorsey’s announcement is Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s erstwhile CTO.

Time to bust out the party hats yet?

Twitter stockholders welcomed Dorsey’s departure, but some Twitter users found themselves less than thrilled. That’s because combing through some of Agrawal’s past remarks uncovered some less-than-inspiring material.

Like this, for example:


If Agrawal were to expand upon it, he’d likely point out that he was quoting “The Daily Show’s” Aasif Mandvi:

Here it is:

That’s a fair defense, if we’re being honest.

OK. We can certainly accept that. But it’s also not unreasonable to ask questions.

Like, it seems reasonable to ask Agrawal questions about this:

That’s not Agrawal quoting someone from “The Daily Show” or anything else. Those are his own words.

And we’d say those words merit an explanation.