Yesterday, the Atlantic’s Molly Jong-Fast offered up an interesting idea about how Joe Biden can emerge from the grave he’s been digging for himself:

Fast-forward to today, where she’s serving up another heaping helping of wisdom:


Like her friend Tom Nichols.

This is quality material, folks.

Tremendous. Treeeeeeemendous.

Don’t worry — she’s joking. Not about the shaming-your-relatives-who-disagree-with-you-part — because obviously you should do that — but about the FBI thing:

That’s fair. We suppose anything written by a Bulwark alumna should automatically be considered a joke.

Eh, not really. We’d bet many of the people trolling Molly are trolling her because she sucks, not because they actually believe she’d call the FBI on family members (although she’s definitely crazy and ridiculous enough to seriously consider it, especially if she wanted to follow in her illustrious grandfather’s footsteps).

Ooo … we like that theory!

Probably not. You never know, though. Maybe there’s someone in Molly’s family who isn’t a shameless liberal hack like she is. One can only hope.

Spoiler alert: the Ruthless Podcast listeners would have an infinitely better time.

Marone’s tweet was a humorous tweet, Molly. Or was that lost on you, dear?

Well, one thing’s for sure:

They’re just one big, happy family.