We’re in the best, most capable of hands.

Make sure you keep telling yourself that when you listen to what CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently had to say about how effective lockdowns have been in mitigating the spread of COVID19:

Strict lockdowns are the way to go because China only has three deaths per million! It’s a no-brainer!

Well, someone obviously put a lot of time and thought into that graph, so we should take it at face value.

What’s not to trust?

What possible motives could the Chinese government have for lying to the worl— oh. We see your point, Dr. Shanker.

They know exactly what they’re suggesting. And they’re suggesting it anyway.

Get her the hell away from the controls.

Hard pass, Rochelle.

Meanwhile, for those of you who, unlike Rochelle Walensky, are not comfortably nestled in the CCP’s butt, here’s some further reading: