We hope Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyers are maintaining a spreadsheet to keep up with all the defamation, because man. There’s a lot.

And now we can throw “The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg on the pile:

You can check out the video over at Grabien.

Here’s a partial transcript:

“Now, [Anthony Huber] wasn’t doing anything. He was trying to— he saw an active shooter, you know. He saw someone get shot. He thought he was doing the right thing. So, even I— even all the excuses in the world does not change the fact that three people got shot. Two people were murdered. To me, it’s murder, I’m sorry.”

Anthony Huber was just a nice guy minding his own business when Kyle Rittenhouse murdered him for no reason!

Such brazen intellectual dishonesty. Or perhaps just moral rot.

Either explanation seems like pretty solid grounds for a defamation suit by Kyle Rittenhouse.

If Rittenhouse plays his cards right, he’ll could make out even better than Nick Sandmann did.



Drew Holden’s masterful thread revisiting Kyle Rittenhouse coverage conveniently doubles as ‘a list of potential defendants in upcoming defamation lawsuits’

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