Once the not-guilty verdict was handed down in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, we knew it was time to hunker down immediately and brace for media outrage.

We also knew that it was time to keep a close eye on Thread King Drew Holden’s Twitter feed:

So have we. And now it’s here.

And it’s even better than we hoped it would be:

Of course, in any thread about willful deception and heinous lies, you’ve got to leave some room for politicians. Drew Holden did, of course:

And no thread would be complete without the blue-checks:

It’s still just scratching the surface, but Drew Holden is only one man.

A permanent stain on our media, our government, and our ostensible intellectual betters.

Everyone who played a part in the sliming of Kyle Rittenhouse had better hold onto their wallets, because they deserve to pay for their sins through the nose.