OMG, you guys. Did you hear about all those right-wing conspiracy theorists who pounced all over footage of Joe Biden featuring a blurred-out presidential seal?

Because George Takei sure did, and he shared a video all about it with his legions of devoted fans:

Didja catch Twitchy staple and Listmaster Siraj Hashmi’s appearance? Big congrats to him on officially making the big time.

Well anyway, Hashmi’s tweet should’ve been a dead giveaway to George that all the business about the Presidential Seal wasn’t just a right-wing conspiracy run amok. But that went right over George’s head.

And as a result, George’s tweet and video meant to make conservatives look stupid actually made George look like the ass.

Boy, you hate to see it.

We’ll wait for George’s next video. If it’s anything like that one, we’re in for a treat.

You’re damn right, it rules.

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