Despite being a well known leftist, Glenn Greenwald has the unusual distinction of being labeled by other leftists as a Republican, conservative, right-wing apologist.

And that’s in large part because, unlike so many of his contemporaries, Greenwald is willing to turn a critical eye toward the liberal media.

In a recent interview, Greenwald was asked to explain why he’s so intent on calling out liberal media malpractice instead of just sticking to bashing Fox News like pretty much everyone else.

Greenwald’s answer is certainly very illuminating, but it also just plain makes a lot of sense.


That’s ostensibly not why a lot of the MSM’s so-called journalists went into journalism, but it’s safe to say that it’s why so many of them are in journalism today.

Everyone can benefit from venturing outside of their echo chamber once in a while. What a shame that Glenn Greenwald is only one of a handful of journalists willing to do it.

Conservatives have plenty of issues on which they’re likely to disagree with Greenwald. But one thing on which they can unequivocally agree is that the mainstream media is broken and seemingly only intent on doing further damage to themselves.