As we learn more about Waukesha suspect Darrell E. Brooks, we can start to form a clearer picture of exactly what happened.

But it seems that media outlets, in their infinite generosity, are trying to save us the trouble:

It gets better. Because, you see, now we’re supposed to be very interested in the fact that the driver of the murderous SUV that injured and killed all those people was, in fact, quite possibly fleeing the scene of another crime:

(“Ran into and over some people” is just … *chef’s kiss* to CBS News’ David Begnaud, guys.)

The SUV was fleeing an earlier crime before killing people? Now terroristic vehicles are sentient enough to flee? Wow.

We’re watching it happen in real time.

As some people have pointed out, there’s an easy way to verify whether or not Brooks was fleeing another crime.

And as many more people have pointed out, who the hell cares whether or not Brooks was fleeing another crime? As a woman once notoriously said, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

It’s simultaneously repulsive and predictable to see the media respond to such a horrific incident this way.

Neither are we.

We’re just supposed to trust that the media will only tell us what we need to know, and nothing more. They see their only job as controlling the narrative. And that may not earn them the respect of most Americans, but it earns them the respect of the Democratic Party. And that’s all they really need.