If the U.S. wants to assure their dominance in the next Olympic games, just put CNN in every single event. Because not only are CNN’s contortion abilities world-class, but CNN is ripped AF.

That’s what comes with bending over backwards and carrying water for Democrats for as long as they’ve been doing it.

Check out this impressive routine:

Only took nine days for that turnaround, which is pretty damn good considering how much spinning and heavy lifting is involved in a feat like that.

Seriously, we’re legit impressed. Not only has Joe Biden managed to completely reverse the gas price problem he faced very recently, but he did it with China’s help. And CNN Business senior writer Julia Horowitz was there to cover it all!

Facts First™!

CNN only seeks out the most Reliable Sources when it comes to their journalism. Isn’t that right, Brian?

They crossed into parody quite a while ago. But now they’re really embracing it.

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