Now that Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted on all counts, it seems reasonable to be concerned about protests and rioting.

So this would be a really good time for the White House to urge calm and good sense. But they’re not known for that, are they? Before the verdict was even in, Jen Psaki was already calling for “peaceful protests”:

Not calling for any protests period might’ve been a better idea, but hey. Maybe the White House knows something we don’t.

We’d sure like to know the last time that Democrats’ calls for “peaceful protests” actually went heeded by violent leftists. Because we can’t think of one. Certainly not in the past several years.

God willing, the Biden administration will swiftly, pre-emptively denounce any violent response to the verdict. They need to make it clear in no uncertain terms that rioting and violence cannot be tolerated.



While we await the White House’s response, it’s worth considering how they’ve regarded Kyle Rittenhouse in the past:

We shouldn’t cross our fingers for the White House to come down too hard on violent protesters, if they come down at all.

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