During today’s Senate hearing for Comptroller of the Currency nominee Saule Omarova, GOP Sen. John Kennedy, after going through list of Omarova’s communist bona fides, said he wasn’t sure whether to call her “professor” or “comrade.”

We fail to see what’s so offensive about pointing out that a lady who subscribes to and champions communist ideology might, in fact, be a communist. But then, we’re not as smart as certain Experts™ out there:

We’d actually love to dedicate an entire post to Tom Nichols crying “McCArtHyIsM!” but as it turns out, there’s an even stupider objection being raised to Kennedy’s remarks.

Over to you, Lincoln Project:

Suggesting that Saule Omarova is a communist isn’t just McCarthyism; it’s downright racist!

We’ll have to add it the “Big Book of Racist Dog Whistles” in the next edition.

Was that wrong? Should he not have done that?

She literally is.

Well, let’s see … did Melania wax poetic about communism like Omarova has?

Now, it’s theoretically possible that despite professing her love for communism on multiple occasions, Saule Omarova is not a communist. But even if that’s true, how in the hell is it racist to suggest that she’s a communist?

Hella weird stuff.

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