Boy, it really is difficult to imagine that the White House might be nearing their breaking point with Kamala Harris.

We’re being sarcastic, of course. It’s quite obvious that Kamala Harris just sucks at her job.

Take this clip, for example. In responding to George Stephanopoulos’ question about how the Biden administration is tackling inflation, Kamala manages to make the administration look bad and piss off Americans who are fed up with the White House very obviously making inflation worse while refusing to own up to any of it:


But still not acknowledging what’s causing it!

How much longer are they going to blame the pandemic for their own garbage economic policies?

Kamala Harris may be a terrible VP, but one thing we can say for her is that at least she fits right into the Biden administration.



Border czar Kamala Harris blames the border crisis she and President Biden created on the Trump administration

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