Evan McMullin is doing it, you guys. He’s running for U.S. Senate.

He’s hoping to defeat current Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee. But that’s a pretty tall order, and he can’t do it alone. He needs the support of some very important people.

People like outgoing Resistance GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who’s apparently only too happy to throw his weight behind McMullin’s campaign:

Isn’t that special? It’s just really special.

Eh, it’s only disappointing if you haven’t been paying close attention to Kinzinger’s evolution.

It’s been interesting to watch Kinzinger evolve from Republican to Resister. Kinzinger claims to oppose everything Donald Trump supposedly stands for, including shady business dealings and deceiving voters.

And now here he is, promoting Evan McMullin … who is notorious for shady business dealings and deceiving voters.

And how:

Never forget.

That would certainly be a good place for Kinzinger to start. Help Evan help himself, Adam, before he finishes destroying his already-awful reputation and takes you down with him.

Gonna take it right into the Grifter Zone:

Just think of all the sweet, sweet Resistance money Adam Kinzinger can help him rake in.