He’s baaaaaaaaaack!

Evan McMullin, that is. He’s reportedly running against GOP Sen. Mike Lee in Utah, and once again, he’s got the awesome power of The Bulwark behind him:

More from The Salt Lake Tribune:

Evan McMullin, who won more than 21% of the Utahns’ votes for president in 2016, will challenge Sen. Mike Lee as an independent candidate for Utah’s Senate seat next year.

An announcement of his candidacy is likely to come soon — perhaps very soon — a source in the McMullin camp told me over the weekend.

If McMullin is elected — and it’s a big “if” — it could pose the most definitive rebuke to date to Donald Trump’s Republican Party and serve notice to leaders of both parties that there is a wide swath of America voters who care less about cultish partisan allegiances and more about results.

It’s not just a big “if”; it’s the biggest “if.” And Charlie Sykes and Bill Kristol are treating Evan McMullin as a viable threat to Mike Lee, which is simultaneously hilarious and pathetic.

Still with that guy.

Quick exit question:


We wouldn’t recommend holding your breath.