Yesterday, the Associated Press noted that “observers” are very concerned about Judge Bruce Schroeder’s “deference to the defendant” Kyle Rittenhouse.

Because what is “innocent until proven guilty,” really?

Of course the AP is just trying to push a view, namely that Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty until proven innocent (but can’t be proven innocent because he’s definitely guilty). And they did it again today, this time going after Rittenhouse’s defense team for stating the obvious about Joseph Rosenbaum:

Sara Burnett writes:

Joseph Rosenbaum had been on medication for bipolar disorder and depression, and he was trying to take Rittenhouse’s rifle, attorney Mark Richards said, suggesting there could have been more bloodshed if Rittenhouse hadn’t acted.

“I’m glad he shot him because if Joseph Rosenbaum got that gun I don’t for a minute believe he wouldn’t have used it against somebody else,” Richards said during closing arguments in the 18-year-old Illinois man’s trial for killing Rosenbaum and another man and wounding a third during a chaotic night of protests in August 2020.

To some legal experts and other observers, Richards’ remarks were a smart courtroom strategy and an accurate depiction of the threat faced by Rittenhouse, who says he shot the men in self-defense. But mental health advocates heard something different: a dangerous assumption that people living with mental illness are homicidal and need to be killed, and terminology such as “crazy” that they say is pejorative and adds to the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Narrator: “Some legal experts and other observers” were right. It’s not stigmatizing mental illness to point out that the man screaming “SHOOT ME, N*GGA” at armed civilians, the man who appears to have rushed Rittenhouse in an attempt to take his rifle, might be irrational and crazy. The defense isn’t suggesting that the mentally ill are all irrational and crazy, but rather that Joseph Rosenbaum was behaving like an irrational and crazy person.

What the defense was doing was … their job. They were literally doing their job.

And why isn’t the AP at all concerned about the stigma that Kyle Rittenhouse carries due to being branded a murderer by media for well over a year before his trial even began? Because even if he is found not guilty, he will bear that stigma for the rest of his life.

Joseph Rosenbaum’s past actions — heinous as they were — didn’t justify his being shot by Rittenhouse, but his actions that night arguably did. And the defense is doing their job by pointing that out.

Guess we’ll have to stay tuned for tomorrow.

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