Last week, Kyle Rittenhouse trial judge Bruce Schroeder said that someone filmed the jurors when they were picked up by the bus that morning.

Apparently such problems have persisted. According to Judge Schroeder today, Kenosha police reported that someone claiming to work for MSNBC followed the jurors’ bus last night:


What the hell is going on?

Under orders? Under whose orders?

For the record:

Seriously, what the hell is going on?

Holy moly.

We can’t let this be ignored.

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NBC News has issued a statement regarding the incident:

Oh. Well. In that case, nothing to see here!

Sorry, but NBC’s got a lot more explaining to do.

Speaking of murky, is the guy actually a freelancer? Or an employee?

If this was just a case of a freelancer gone rogue, why did Irene Byon delete her social media accounts?

Start explaining, NBC.




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