Media have been degrading themselves over Kyle Rittenhouse since that fateful night in Kenosha last year. But with the trial underway, they’ve only dialed up the degradation.

And that hasn’t escaped Judge Bruce Schroeder’s notice. In fact, it may very well affect future trials over which he presides:

The media made up their minds about Kyle Rittenhouse a long time ago. But they’ve also decided that Judge Schroeder is guilty in his own right.

And critics seem to be doing what they can to help prove Schroeder’s point:

Judge Schroeder’s frustration is understandable, given the media circus leading up to and continuing during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, as well as the effects that said media circus has had on him personally:

At the same time, though, it’s important to expose as many people as possible to the full proceedings so that they could — theoretically, at least — make up their own minds without media distortion.



AP can’t help but be struck by the fact that Judge Bruce Schroeder is treating Kyle Rittenhouse like a defendant instead of a criminal

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