Atlantic staff writer Anne Applebaum has been thinking a lot about the Steele dossier lately, what with it being confirmed to be absolute garbage and all.

But according to Anne, it doesn’t actually matter that the Steele dossier is absolute garbage, because, you know, Orange Man Bad:

It wasn’t the FBI’s fault that they failed to properly vet the document they used to justify surveillance of Carter Page!

And it’s not Anne Applebaum’s fault that she’s full of it!

Not that we had a great deal of respect for Anne Applebaum to begin with, but we’d at least manage to muster up a tiny bit if she’d just swallow her pride and admit that she was wrong, full stop.

Ostensible responsible journalists like Anne Applebaum did plenty of damage themselves.

True story.

Pssst, Anne Applebaum … you’re part of the problem:

Just own it.

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