Democrat Michelle Wu was recently elected Mayor of Boston, becoming the first woman and first person of color to win that office. But apparently that just doesn’t cut it for some people.

NPR reports:

More from NPR:

“I mean the data speaks for itself, and it’s troubling,” says former Massachusetts State Rep. Marie St. Fleur. Especially, she says, for a city still straining under a longtime reputation as racist. [Twitchy editor’s note: Maybe Boston’s reputation as racist is deserved if so many Bostonians are angry that Michelle Wu isn’t nonwhite enough to be mayor.]

“For those of us born or raised in Boston, and who lived through some of the darker days, the fact that we blinked at this moment is sadness,” she says. “At what point in the city of Boston will we be able to vote — and I’m going to be very clear here — for a Black person in that corner office?”

To be sure, there were other factors, and fault, at play in the way the race turned out.

“We can only play race card for so many occasions,” asserts Rev. Eugene Rivers, a longtime Black community leader. “I mean Black leadership failed to produce success even with an incumbent. We failed. Now that’s not on white people.”

Well, for once, white people are off the hook. We guess. Should we be blaming Asian people instead? Inauthentically black people?

What even is this, NPR? The fact that someone wrote this story is bad enough … but you guys actually published it?

Take it away, Siraj Hashmi:

Our thoughts exactly.

You know what, NPR? Even if “others see it as more of a disappointment that the three Black candidates couldn’t even come close,” you don’t have to give those race-obsessed trolls any oxygen.

Unless, of course, you yourselves are race-obsessed trolls. Which seems pretty likely, to be honest.

This seems like a good place to put a screenshot:

Not that NPR is capable of enough shame to delete it, but we legit can’t stop gawking at this train wreck.

Too many times to count, we reckon.

Nope. They weren’t.

Racists thrive on racism. And NPR evidently thrives on racists.

Almost as if that’s the goal.



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