Tulsi Gabbard holds some questionable positions. Her relative softness on Syria, for one.

But she’s also been quite consistent when it comes to calling out the Left for baseless smears against those with whom they disagree. And we do respect her for that.

Here she is pushing back against the popular liberal narrative that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist domestic terrorist and that anyone who doesn’t agree is a white supremacist domestic terrorist apologist or enabler:

As one might expect, the lefties about whom Tulsi Gabbard is speaking are not happy with her right now:

*Klan robes.

Not sure what the Rittenhouse case has to do with foreign policy, but whatevs.




Tulsi Gabbard tears into Merrick Garland and Biden DOJ’s ‘despicable,’ ‘un-American’ targeting of American parents who care about their kids