A recent CNN piece on Kamala Harris has the White House scrambling for the brooms.

But it’s not just the White House who’s scrambling. Kamala Harris’ loyal fans are panicking, too. Once outlets like CNN start reporting that cracks are starting to form, you know it’s gotten pretty bad.

So the pushback against it has to be extra-hard. That’s where author and Resistance cheerleader Don Winslow comes in:

Talk about an intense take. And white-hot, to boot!

That Donald Trump really gets around, doesn’t he? And seeing as he’s the ultimate racist misogynist, he belongs in Winslow’s tweet about the racist misogyny inherent in viewing Kamala Harris through a critical lense.

Winslow’s tweet has some serious “Not a Cult” vibes.

What Glenn Greenwald is trying to say is that this isn’t happening because Kamala Harris is a woman of color. This isn’t happening because she’s a woman.

This is happening because she sucks and is fulfilling her destiny as Biden administration fall guy.

Kamala Harris’ palace guard are nothing if not hopelessly devoted to protecting their precious. Even though she has done nothing to deserve their devotion.

When Kamala Harris’ political career is dead and buried, at least she can count on Don Winslow to tend to the grave.

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