The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has certainly shined a blinding spotlight on the extent of liberal media malpractice. But it’s also important to remember that the Democrats on whose behalf the media often operates are helping to drive this liberal media malpractice.

Glenn Greenwald is thinking about that today:

More from Greenwald:

But after this 2020 protest movement, all of that changed. That radical reform was needed to both policing and the criminal justice system — to make the “carceral state” far less punitive and sprawling — became the mainstream view, practically the obligatory view, in Democratic Party politics. One of the most centrist corporatists in the House Democratic Caucus is the former corporate lawyer Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), the fourth-ranking member of House Democratic leadership and one of the leading candidates, if not the leading one, to replace Nancy Pelosi when she finally abandons her position as House Democratic leader. Despite his careful centrist image, Jeffries, in mid-2020, began advocating slogans which, just months earlier, had been confined to more radical precincts of academic and leftist activism.

Greenwald highlights this 2020 tweet from Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries:

Fast-forward to yesterday, and this is where Jeffries is currently at with regard to criminal justice reform:

Quite a difference.

It’s important to note that Julian Assange did some very bad things, but we take Greenwald’s point. When it comes to perceived political enemies, Dems are out for blood.

More from Greenwald:

Yet a profound dilemma is visible from the momentum of this movement: a large bulk of liberal politics is driven by precisely the opposite impulses. The most loyal Democratic partisans are frequently venerating prosecutors, advocating for harsh criminal punishments, championing punitive theories of criminal law that have long been rejected by liberal jurists and, above all else, often demanding the longest and harshest punishments in “the carceral state” for a large group of people.

Why are so many Democrats simultaneously chanting radical criminal reform slogans to abolish or greatly reduce the police and the prison state while simultaneously demanding harsh prison terms for so many people under the classic law-and-order ideology they claim to oppose? The answer is clear: Democrats believe that the only real criminals, or at least the worst ones, are those who reject their political ideology and are their political adversaries. And thus, while they work with one hand to usher in radical reforms to the policing and prison state, they work with the other to concoct theories to justify the long-term imprisonment of their political opponents, even when their alleged crimes involve no violence.


Democrats are all for justice, equity, and due process unless they don’t agree with your politics; in that case, they’re quite content to let you rot.