It’s rough out there for Joe Biden, what with the economy tanking as a direct result of his terrible ideas and policies. Poor POTUS needs all the help he can get.

And that’s where the media come in. They’re nothing if not dedicated to protecting Democrats, even if it means having to pull every muscle in their bodies trying to do it.

CNN can always be counted on to spit-shine the Democratic poop nugget, and Stephen Collinson has plenty of drool:

Collinson kicks off his “analysis” like so:

Joe Biden’s next political nightmare is inflation, a force that can destroy family budgets and political careers and is being driven by domestic and global factors tough for a president to quickly fix.

Government data showing the cost of living rose 6.2% over the last 12 months — the highest rate in 30 years — set off White House alarm bells on Wednesday and offered a new opening for Republicans lambasting Biden over high energy prices.

Republicans have another reason to pounce on the Biden administration, and it’s thanks to the “force” that is inflation.

Poor Joe Biden. Guy just wants to Build Back Better and forces keep getting in his way.

Who’s trolling? CNN is dead-serious about their role as Democratic palace guard.

Pouncing Republicans, leave Joe Biden alooooooone!

This … is CNN.

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