The prosecution’s case against Kyle Rittenhouse is imploding before our very eyes. That means those who have been clamoring for Rittenhouse’s head on a platter are getting increasingly desperate, throwing whatever they can find at the wall hoping that something — anything — will stick.

Which brings us to serial Twitter thief and shameless lefty former NBA player Rex Chapman. We’d been waiting for this take, and Rex really came through:

So it’s because racism, is what Rex is saying.

The racism card may be all he’s got left, but he’s gonna play that card into the ground if he has to.

Seriously, how does race fit into this at all? Is it because the riots were done in the name of Black Lives Mattering? Because frankly, we’re stumped.

When in doubt, go with “white privilege.”

Rex would just steal the gun, probably, and try to say that it was his gun the whole time.


Parting question for anti-white-privilege crusader Rex Chapman:


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