The prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is doing a bang-up job. Really. Just top-notch work:

It’s not real life? That probably comes as a huge shock to Thomas Binger, who’s obviously extremely hip and with-it.



Or it would be incredible … if we hadn’t already seen what the prosecution thinks is brilliant strategy.

Technically, Rittenhouse is helping Binger look like an idiot. Binger’s doing the heaviest lifting on his own.

That’s Binger’s story, and he’s stickin’ to it!

Damn kids and their vidya games.

Did Kyle Rittenhouse also listen to violent rap music? Because that would be a game changer.

No kidding. Here’s another way to interpret Binger’s video game line of questioning:

The prosecution was supposed to bury Kyle Rittenhouse. Instead, they’re digging their own grave.

Congratulations on this remarkable achievement, Mr. Binger et al.!

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