As we told you earlier, two days after Dems got their clocks cleaned, the Biden administration has decided to delay vaccine mandates until after the holiday season is over. Total coincidence, no doubt.

So the Biden administration is apparently hoping to enjoy another month or so of blissful ignorance on Americans’ part about what the administration is actually doing.

To call the order problematic would be a gross understatement. And if you want to understand why that is, Ben Shapiro’s thread would be a great place to start:

Democrats need to be forced to own this, so that when it all goes to hell, they’re the ones holding the bag.

This insanity cannot continue unchecked.

You’d better believe that Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire are getting loud:

More from the Daily Wire:

The Dhillon Law Group, Inc. and Alliance Defending Freedom filed the legal challenge on behalf of The Daily Wire in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit. The mandate requires all private employers of 100 or more employees to force unvaccinated employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, be subject to weekly testing, or lose their job. Attorneys for The Daily Wire will also file an emergency motion to stay the mandate.

“The Daily Wire will not comply with President Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate, and we are suing the Biden Administration to put a stop to their gross overreach,” said Daily Wire Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jeremy Boreing. “President Biden, the federal government, social media, and the establishment media have conspired to rob Americans of their freedoms in the name of public health. They have broken faith with the American people through conflicting messaging, false information, and by suppressing data and perspectives with which they disagree.”

The lawsuit alleges that the Biden Administration lacks constitutional and statutory authority to issue the employer mandate, and that the mandate failed to meet the requirements for issuing a rule taking effect immediately without the normal process of considering public comments.

The OSHA mandate is not only morally and legally outrageous, but it threatens to wreak even more havoc on an already suffering economy.

But wait! There’s more:

If Biden et al. think that postponing this until after the holidays will allow them to fly under the radar, they are sorely mistaken.

If this isn’t outrageous, we don’t know what is.