The postmortem of yesterday’s elections is ongoing, and it seems like this time it’s hit the Left especially hard. People don’t like being called racist white supremacist terrorists when they’re not racist white supremacist terrorists. Go figure!

There’s a lot of outrage out there, folks. And collecting it all is a nearly impossible task, but Twitchy frequent flyer Amy Curtis is up to the challenge.

Grab a chair and a hot cup of tea and get comfortable. And then read the rest of Curtis’ thread:

There are infinitely more where all those came from, but Curtis is only one woman and can’t possibly stay on top of so much awfulness and toxicity. We definitely appreciate all of the work she put into her thread.

That they’re doubling down shows how terrified they are — and how far down in the gutter they’re willing to go.

(Hat tip: @Robostop10)



More from Curtis:

Curtis definitely has her work cut out for her!