Arizona AG Mark Brnovich appeared on Fox News today, where he told anchor Harris Faulkner that if the Biden administration is allowed to continue to target parents who vocally raise concerns about what’s happening in their children’s schools, “God forbid, you’re gonna end up with mom  and pop at Gitmo.”


We’re inclined to agree with Harris here. The Biden administration’s targeting of parents who disagree with public school policies has been sickening. But suggesting that they’re gonna start shipping parents off to Gitmo … well, that’s a bit out there.

In any event, whether or not you agree with Brnovich about this, let the record show that CNN’s Brian Stelter — who is, of course, always very interested in what’s happening on Fox News — thinks that the way Faulkner handled Brnovich’s remarks left a lot to be desired:

Evidently Faulkner didn’t go far enough in shutting Brnovich down. Probably because she’s not as stunning and brave as Brian Stelter.

Or maybe Faulkner was just letting Brnovich explain his position since he was on her show to … explain his position.

Maybe Brian Stelter should be sent to Gitmo for genuinely believing that any serious news anchor should be taking pages from his or CNN’s book.

False information on numerous CNN shows, if we’re keeping track.

Maybe we’re being unfair to Brian … can we really expect him to call out journalistic malpractice on CNN when he only ever watches Fox News?

Brian’s definitely too busy to watch MSNBC and keep up with Joy Reid’s latest insanity.

Sure he will.