Media and lefties are still extremely disgusted and disturbed by the popularity of “Let’s Go Brandon.” The recent story about the Southwest Airlines pilot who signed off with it (even though he may not have signed off with it at all) has only shined an even brighter spotlight on the highly problematic phrase.

The phrase is problematic because it’s a favorite of Joe Biden’s critics, and criticizing Joe Biden is bad. Real bad.

The thing is, it’s awfully difficult for us to get as worked up over “Let’s Go Brandon” as so many lefties are, given the sorts of things that lefties have engaged in and applauded over the past few years. Tweeter J.R. Holmsted sums up where we’re currently at — and probably where a lot of people are at — on the “Let’s Go Brandon” furor:

Yeah, you know, when you put it in perspective like that, it really does seem like the freakout over “Let’s Go Brandon” is rooted in hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.

Pink p*ssy hats weren’t vulgar; they were empowerment. “Impeach the motherf*cker” wasn’t vulgar; it was empowerment.

“Let’s Go Brandon” is basically something Hitler would say if he were still alive.

That’s what we’re supposed to believe.

Show us the lie in Holmsted’s tweet.

“Let’s Go Brandon” is infinitely less vulgar than some of the Left’s other catchphrases.

But then, the Left has one set of standards for themselves, and another for everyone else.

They definitely don’t take any accountability for it.



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