“Woke vs. Racist” guys to the red courtesy phone, please. “Woke vs. Racist” guys to the red courtesy phone.

We’ve got a live one for you:

Beg your pardon?

That’s the least of Deadspin’s problems right now.

Carron J. Phillips writes:

Irving — the man that has been more than generous with his time and money by donating to the WNBA, his Native American people, to the hungry, and even bought a house for George Floyd’s family — is now being used as a puppet by the same crowd that doesn’t give a damn about his Black life.

This is what happens when you think you’re always the smartest person in the room when you’re actually just a narcissist that surrounds himself with idiots.

But enough about you, Carron. Moving on:

Also on Monday, Dave Chappelle proved that he’s forever fallen down the same hole that Irving has when he released a video on Instagram in which he once again dug into his “stance,” as he keeps trying to play the victim due to the controversy his latest standup special The Closer has caused at Netflix and within the LGBTQ community because of his continued harmful jokes against the transgender community. Earlier this month, Netflix suspended a trans employee that publicly spoke out against Chappelle.

Interesting that, like the Verge, Carron left out the tiny detail that the trans Netflix employee in question was suspended for allegedly trying to get into a meeting she wasn’t invited to. Just an honest oversight, we’re sure.


At this point, I’m unbothered by those that agree or disagree with Irving and Chappelle, because we’ve reached a moment where you’re steadfast on what side you stand when it comes to them. But, right now, this isn’t about who’s “making good points” or “raging against the machine.” It’s about willingly falling victim to a crowd of people who would never do the same for you, as Irving and Chappelle’s narcissism has left them blind to the fact that they’ve become puppets in a real-time minstrel show. And the hands that are pulling those strings are white.

The irony of Phillips telling confident and outspoken black men Kyrie Irving and Dave Chappelle they’re only worth a damn if their views align wholly with progressivism and wokeism, that otherwise they’re just unwitting tools of white supremacy is not lost on us. But it’s clearly lost on Deadspin.

Seriously, guys.

Aren’t we all?