Yesterday, Dave Chappelle responded to the backlash against him from angry trans Netflix employees over his allegedly transphobic comedy special “The Closer.” He made them an offer: he’d meet with them, but they’d have to agree to his terms, which included watching the entire special.

Another term? Anyone wanting to have a dialogue with him about his special would have admit that purported comic Hannah Gadsby — who claims to want nothing to do with Chappelle — is not funny.

Feel free to watch it again, because it’s just that good:

Chappelle’s little dig at Hannah Gadsby got big laughs from his audience, but Gadsby’s fans were decidedly not amused.

One of those fans is John Moe, podcaster and author of “The Hilarious World of Depression.” Last night, he rode valiantly to Gadsby’s aid, defending her notorious anti-funniness and suggesting that Dave Chappelle’s days of immense popularity and success are numbered:

Annnnd it’s gone. Good thing we grabbed it:

We weren’t aware that Hannah Gadsby was playing to rooms that weren’t mostly empty already.

But anyway, for any shrieking aggrieved ghouls who were thinking of picking on John over this, well, the joke’s on you:

Unfortunately, much like few people care what Hannah Gadsby has to say, few people seem to care what John Moe has to say, either.

Take it away, screeching aggrieved ghouls!

Most people don’t. In fact, nobody would’ve even been talking about her at all had it not been for Chappelle. She should send him a thank-you note for getting her to trend on Twitter.

She owes Chappelle, big-time.

It is fascinating, isn’t it?

Maybe Chappelle can use it in his next special.



For anyone interested, here’s why Moe deleted his original tweet:

His opinion was just too sharp for us to handle!

Thanks for the advice, *John Moe*. No reason anyone should be searching your name.