You’ve gotta hand it to David Hogg: when he sets his mind to something, he really sticks with it.

Well, not with pillows. But with gun control? You bet:

This seems quite intellectually dishonest. But then, that’s kind of David Hogg’s thing, isn’t it?

It’s pretty repugnant to suggest that pro-Second-Amendment politicians want to make sure anyone can legally obtain a gun, even someone like the Parkland shooter who had thrown up multiple red flags that went ignored by bureaucrats until the unthinkable happened.

Also, self-defense is not just “a choice”; it’s a right. At least in this country.

Why does David want to take that right away?

We have no doubt that David Hogg will never fully recover from the trauma of the Parkland shooting. We’re honestly not sure it’s possible to recover from trauma like that.

But Hogg’s trauma cannot be grounds to deprive everyone else of their right to defend themselves from violent criminals who don’t give a damn about gun control laws.