At the risk of sounding mean, we just have to ask: what is the point of Joe Biden?

Like, literally? What does he even do? We know he’s ostensibly the Leader of the Free World, but so far in his presidential term, he’s shown us his back far more frequently than even a half-assed semblance of interest in doing leader-like things.

This afternoon was no exception. He was supposed to speak about where the country’s at with the COVID19 pandemic, but he showed up late:

To his fake White House podium set, no less:

And once he finally did get there, he didn’t really have anything constructive or important to say:

Speaking of squinting, if you squinted so hard during Biden’s speech that you actually blinked, there’s a better than decent chance that you missed the entire thing:

Does he have somewhere else he needs to be? Someplace more important?

Brandon couldn’t wait to go. He wanted the hell outta there.

This is fine. It’s fine!

Come back soon!

Too bad we’re not gonna be able to afford to pay the heating bills this year.