America’s Area Expert Tom Nichols spoke with CNN’s Brianna Keilar today and shed some very valuable light on the the constitutional crisis that currently threatens our democracy and everything we hold dear. If you’re short on time, all you need to know is that Fox News is largely responsible for the crisis.

And if you have a few minutes, you can listen to the interview and hear Tom’s insightful brilliance for yourself:

Note the “Democracy in Peril” on the chyron. On CNN.

Naturally, CNN Area Fox News Expert Brian Stelter shared this exchange with his own followers:

You know, just in case Keilar’s tweet wasn’t enough to convince you that Fox News’ brand is fear porn.

It sure as hell is not a very novel observation if you substitute “CNN” for “Fox News.” What did CNN do throughout Donald Trump’s presidency and what does CNN still do to this day if not try to hook people on being chronically terrified?

CNN is arguably a far worse offender, if we’re being honest.