‘Enough, enough, enough’! New Republic’s Michael Tomasky has had it with Kyrsten Sinema tanking Joe Biden’s poll numbers and ruining everything

Listen, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. You’ve had your fun, but The New Republic needs you to sit down and shut up and let the *real* Democrats take over:

New Republic editor Michael Tomasky writes:

Enough, Kyrsten Sinema. Enough of this self-infatuated preening. Enough of helping to drive down President Biden’s poll numbers. Enough of derailing what should have been—what still can and I believe will be, although thanks to the Arizona senator and some others, not on quite the level it could have been—a great moment in this country’s history. Enough, enough, enough. Liberal America, Democratic America, indeed sensible America transcending ideology and party, is sick of you.

One of the best historic indicators of midterm election results is the president’s approval rating at the time. Biden has sunk to the mid- to low 40s, and while most of it is probably Delta variant–related, some of it surely has to do with the fact that he hasn’t had a W since March (the Covid relief bill). If Democrats had avoided this shitshow and passed these two bills right after Labor Day, as they should have, Biden would be up around 50 and people would be talking very differently about his and his party’s posture heading into the midterms. Yes, there’s still time, but this entire mess was avoidable, and it has done damage that can’t be undone.

The only silver lining is that it’s damaged Sinema, too. She’s gone from 48-35 approval in Arizona earlier this year to 42-42. She’s lost 21 points among Democrats, and she’s now underwater with independents by five points.

So yes, there are admirable Democrats and dubious Democrats. And then there’s Sinema. She’s in a category of her own. She seriously thinks she’s like John McCain? When McCain bucked his party—on Obamacare, and on campaign finance reform, the one thing Mitch McConnell hates more than anything else—he was taking on special interests. Sinema is bucking her party by serving those interests. I don’t expect her to see the difference, but I sure hope Arizonans do.

It’s just so much easier to blame a woman, right, Michael?

Kyrsten Sinema needs to go in order for Joe Biden to succeed. And if she goes and Joe Biden still can’t succeed, well, lefties will find someone else to blame soon enough.

Wait … are you suggesting that’s not what it means when a Dem is in office? The New Republic and Michael Tomasky just aren’t ready to hear that.

And nevertheless, The New Republic will persist in making themselves look petty and ridiculous.