The Virginia gubernatorial race has gotten far too close for Terry McAuliffe’s comfort. Democrats are legitimately afraid that GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin could maybe actually pull off a win.

So they’re bringing out the big guns. Or, rather, using voters’ guns to try to scare them away from Youngkin:

From Axios’ Lachlan Markay late last month:

  • Accountability Virginia’s online donation page is hosted by the Democratic fundraising platform ActBlue. Its bank account is at Amalgamated Bank, a labor union-owned financial institution popular with Democratic political groups.
  • The PAC was incorporated in Virginia by compliance consultants at the MBA Consulting Group, which works uniformly with Democrats.
  • Its ads on Snapchat were purchased by Gambit Strategies, a firm founded this year by the Biden presidential campaign’s digital director and the former head of Democratic super PAC Priorities USA.
  • “Fake information is prevalent on the internet,” Gambit’s website warns. “Research shows time and time again that the best way to combat false negative information is to provide people positive information about a candidate, cause, etc.”
  • Neither Gambit nor MBA Consulting responded to requests for comment.

Just how effective Accountability Virginia’s strategy is is not clear.

What is clear is that this looks like some pretty shady business from Democrats, the same Democrats who are quick to blame “voter suppression” and “election interference” for losses.