It’s been 25 years since Fox News was founded.

So it’s only natural that Fox News’ most avid watcher Brian Stelter would mark the occasion. Here’s what he came up with:

So much baloney to unpack there. Like the idea that it was Fox News, and not CNN and MSNBC, who gave us President Donald Trump. Like the idea that Fox News is powerful enough to destroy families, while CNN and MSNBC sow only seeds of unity. Like the idea that Fox News is the network stuck in the past, while CNN and MSNBC continue to relitigate the 2016 election. Like the idea that Fox News is a haven for sexual predators while CNN continues to employ Jeffrey Toobin and NBC covered for rapists. Like the idea that Fox News, and not liberal media coordination, has infected the national discourse and eroded the public’s trust.

There’s just a lot of stuff going on.

That, too. As if expressing pride and love for America after the deadliest terrorist attack on this country’s soil is something to be ashamed of, something to regret.

We’re sure the Media Research Center appreciates Brian Stelter get their message out, at least.

If we’re being honest, Brian Stelter should be more grateful to Fox News than just about anyone.

CNN wouldn’t have a reason to get out of bed in the morning without Fox.