Well, it seems that former Vice President Mike Pence — who was the intended target of some of the Capitol rioters — isn’t reliving January every single day. If we take him at his word, he’s much more focused on and concerned about the damage being done by the Biden administration:

Some people are having difficulty wrapping their heads around that one.

Brian Stelter sure can’t wrap his head around it. And he can’t help but notice that Sean Hannity and Fox just let Mike Pence say what he said without offering any sort of pushback. CNN certainly wasn’t going to just sit back and let Pence get away with it.

This is just the latest example of Fox News and the GOP media’s “pathetic pattern”:

*Record scratch*

What kind of denialism, Brian?

Great question.

Come on, Brian.

Have you already forgotten, Brian? It wasn’t that long ago, you know.

What can you say? Brian Stelter’s gotta be Brian Stelter.

Always a safe bet where Brian Stelter is concerned.