Hey guys! Remember when Sidney Powell was insisting that Donald Trump won the 2020 election? Remember when she was insisting that she had all this evidence to prove that?

Remember when lefties — rightfully, in this case — called her a nutball?

Well, in light of a new interview in which Powell offers up some insight (read: tinfoil hattery) into Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s role in all of this, some liberals are reconsidering their earlier dismissals of Powell.

Here’s the clip that’s got the libs to thinkin’:

The most brilliant libs out there really, really want this to be true:

Oh, we’re sure you have questions, Pam. So very many questions!

(Sidney Powell made it up, though.)

That people are actually taking Sidney Powell, of all people, seriously? We, too, find that insane and concerning.

The collective IQ up there is somewhere in the tens, folks.