Based on what we’ve been seeing from the southern border, it seems reasonable and fair to conclude that Joe Biden’s administration has done a pretty terrible job competently tackling the issue of illegal immigration.

But let the record show that Max Boot disagrees with our assessment. In fact, he disagrees with anyone who thinks that Joe Biden has done anything short of admirable work for migrants:

Here’s the headline:

Could it be that Biden is getting no credit for it because he hasn’t actually done it? We’re just spitballing here, but yeah.

More from Boot:

Biden, by contrast, expressed horror at the way the Border Patrol treated the Haitians. The Department of Homeland Security is investigating what happened. If abuses occurred, they were contrary to the president’s intent — not in compliance with it as under Trump. That’s a big difference.

Biden lied about how the Border Patrol agents treated the Haitians. So.


Biden is being excoriated for returning some of the migrants back to Haiti, which can’t cope with them. But, while 2,000 people have been sent to Haiti, 12,400 people from the Del Rio camp will be able to request asylum status — which usually means they can stay in the United States while their cases are adjudicated. You would never know from all the criticism that far more migrants are being allowed to remain here than are being sent home.


In short, Biden is doing a lot more to make immigration policy humane than progressives who sloganeer about abolishing ICE have ever done. But he gets no credit.

I wish critics would show more appreciation for the difficult balancing act that Biden must pull off. He must treat migrants with dignity and respect while being cognizant that any relaxation of border enforcement will lead to political attacks from the right and serve as an invitation to more arrivals. Indeed, apprehensions at the southern border are at the highest level in 20 years, in part because many people believed Biden would welcome them. Those surging migration numbers, in turn, create controversy that pro-Trump forces can exploit.

Many people believed Biden would welcome them because Biden led them to believe that he would welcome them.

Boot’s so full of crap. He really, really is.

We’re with Fozzy. Trying to understand Max Boot is a lost cause. Max Boot is a lost cause.

But it’s so much more comfortable in there than out here in the real world.