In case you missed it, neither the government nor the media have shown much interest in being honest and transparent with the public. The bogus “whips” narrative about the Border Patrol in Del Rio is just one of the latest in a long series of purely politically motivated false narratives.

Grabien founder and editor Tom Elliott has made it his mission to keep his eye on both the government and the media, and well, he’s seen some things.

Take a few minutes to read Elliott’s excellent thread. Just make sure there are no sharp objects nearby, because you may be inclined to throw things:

That’s all still just scratching the surface.

We at Twitchy aren’t trying to suggest that the FBI was involved, because we don’t know. But there’s no doubt that the FBI has done some pretty rotten stuff over the past several years — with the media’s blessing and willingness to turn a blind eye, to boot.

One thing we do know for sure is that we have been lied to over and over again.

And we can count on being lied to a lot more.