As a White House correspondent for CNN, John Harwood only believes in Real News, Mr. President.

That’s why when he saw a photo of George Clooney owning the cons in a T-shirt featuring the Confederate flag and a swastika, he knew he had to share it with his Twitter followers. Unfortunately, Harwood deleted his tweet for some reason. Good thing the Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams grabbed everything before it vanished down the memory hole!

Oh, John. Bless. It’s almost sweet, really. He’s so committed to the Orange Man Bad cause that he’ll embarrass himself in one of the most public forums out there.

And this isn’t even the first time!

Well, now we can all remember with you, Becket.


Not unless they really, really need to. And John Harwood really, really needs to. Otherwise, what’s the point of being insufferably self-important?