If people want to spurn science and not mask up, San Francisco has no place for them.

Unless those people are very, very special.

We have no doubt it was a fun night. Because what’s more fun than partying with a superspreading hypocrite like Mayor London Breed?

More from San Francisco’s ABC affiliate:

San Francisco Department of public health order, clearly states:

“Everyone, including people who are fully vaccinated, must wear a well-fitted mask in indoor public settings at all times except,” the order continues, “people may remove their well-fitted mask while actively eating or drinking.”

Breed was dancing behind a table full of drinks, but was not actively drinking or eating, or wearing a face covering while singing, dancing, and posing for photos.



A representative from Mayor Breed’s office said, “the mayor was excited to be out and had an incredible night at the Black Cat, and wants to support small businesses. She was with friends at her table, not wearing a mask while eating and drinking and enjoying herself. She knows health orders are hard and asks everyone to do their best to follow them.”


That’s her, baby!

All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

She should absolutely be faulted for being a hypocrite. So many of the most vocal mask mandate proponents act as though they’re exempt from the rules they expect everyone else to blindly follow.

They should feel taken. Because they got took.