In addition to being a vile, bigoted garbage person, Joy Reid is also a colossal hypocrite. That’s why she does things like rail against unvaccinated people — white Republicans/conservatives, specifically, so she can blame them for minorities getting COVID19 — when she herself was stirring up anti-vaccine sentiment while Donald Trump was still in office.

For what it’s worth, though, Joy doesn’t see that as hypocritical at all. She stands by her politically motivated about-face, 100%:

Well, at least she admits it.


She literally had no reason to oppose the vaccine other than the fact that Donald Trump was in the White House when it was developed. Her admission is simultaneously stunning and completely expected.

She can’t help herself.

But Donald Trump was the threat to science.

That’s very true.

So Joy Reid’s got that going for her, at least.

Narrator: It was never about science.